Posted On - September 27, 2017

With such busy everyday lives and schedules, winding down when it comes to bed time can be a difficult thing to do. There are several factors around our daily routines that can affect how well we sleep throughout the night. Here are a few suggestions to help you wind down and have that restful night’s sleep. 


Mindfulness meditation is a great way to unwind and relieve yourself of the many thoughts that might have been going through your head throughout the day. There are plenty of apps and YouTube channels out there that focus on mindfulness meditation, and experts say the benefits can be huge. 


Reading is a great way to relax and wind down before bed, as it reduces stress and can lull you into a sleepy state. Make sure you use warm lighting, as this will assist in telling your brain that it’s night time and therefore time to prepare for rest. 


Try to avoid scrolling through your news feed or watching a movie in bed to relax. These things actually keep our brains stimulated instead of winding it down, and the light from our devices keep the brain switched on. 


Caffeine can stay in your system for over 7 hours, so keep track of what time you have your last coffee for the day. Also, be aware when having a tea before bedtime, as many contain caffeine. There are several herbal teas out there that don’t have caffeine, so opt for one of these instead. 


If you’re one of those people who lies awake with worries running through your mind, take the time to write them down before evening and leave them on the piece of paper. Try to do this a little before bed time, so you are able to mentally distance yourself from the thoughts and your sleep. 


A decent mattress can do wonders for your sleep quality, and contribute to how refreshed you feel the next day.  If your mattress is older and in poor condition, it may be time to upgrade, for the sake of getting a better night’s rest. 

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Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress And Pillow For You

Posted On - August 18, 2017

With so many options on the market, choosing the correct mattress and pillow to suit your needs can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Firmness, size, memory foam or otherwise, making sure the mattress suits both you and your partner, and myriad other questions are all important considerations that one must ponder when it comes to choosing your new mattress. Choosing the right mattress for your needs can be a bit of a process; however, there are a few handy things to remember to make it easier and help you along the way.


If you already have back pain, a too-soft mattress can exacerbate the issue. Research shows that medium to firm mattresses are the best options for people with chronic back pain. The consensus is that memory foam mattresses are the best choice for a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep across the board. It responds to heat and pressure to mould to the body, distributing the body weight evenly. If possible, try the mattress before you buy it. Test the mattress in the sleep position you use regularly, using your own pillow from home. This best emulates if that mattress will suit your sleep style. Browse the options for your new memory foam mattress from Sleep Secrets.


Gone are the days when a standard rectangular feather pillow is acceptable for everyone across the board. Pillow choice can be largely about preference, but this depends on whether you suffer neck issues or not. A regular pillow or inferior quality foam pillow is not appropriate for someone with neck troubles. Memory foam isn’t just for mattresses! When it comes to pillows, memory foam is highly regarded for those with neck problems, as they support the neck properly. Sleep position is another factor. If you’re a side sleeper, you might want to opt for a contour pillow, which is specifically designed for this sleep position. A classic pillow is suitable for most other sleep styles. Look at your pillow options from Sleep Secrets today.


If you share a bed, a memory foam mattress is generally the best option. If either of you gets up in the middle of the night or you have different schedules, memory foam offers undisrupted shared sleeping so you can get the best night’s sleep with your partner.

If you need assistance with choosing the perfect mattress or pillow for your needs, Sleep Secrets has got you covered. Get in touch if you want more expert advice from our professional team, so you can sleep easy.

Sleep cooler

Posted On - July 20, 2017

Our feet and hands are always colder when our body simply because they are not covered as much as the rest of the body, at night most people prefer to go to bed earlier just to warm up the bed before the sheets get icy cold. But some people might wake up in the middle of the night and may struggle to fall back asleep. Is there an ideal sleeping temperature? Science says yes. Dr. Christopher Winter suggests our bedroom should be around 18 degrees. And if the bedroom temperature is above 22 degrees, we might find some problems in the middle of the night. 18 degrees does sound cold, If we can’t get that temperature, how can we sleep at the right temperature, and not wake up by increasing heat?

  • Choose a gel-infused mattress.

Over the recent years, Memory foam mattresses have become a favourite among many consumers because they provide many benefits including the highest level of comfort available. The gel-infused technology nature of these mattresses goes a step further by adding extra support while attempting to address one of the biggest drawbacks to standard memory foam – heat retention. Although some argue it only helps first few years, or it will get warm slowly, most consumers still prefer gel infusion in their mattress.

  • Closing the bedroom windows/curtains /doors while it’s cool in the morning to stop it heating up during the day, and opening windows and doors at night. Dropping temperature outside will keep our room cooler.
  • Using aircon or fans to increase airflow.
  • Have a warm shower before you go to bed, after having a warm shower, your body temperature will start dropping, and that is the perfect time for you to fall sleep.
  • Turn over your pillow every now and then so you are resting your head on the cooler side.
  • Wear less! If you know you get hot easily, don’t wear your long sleeves pyjamas. Wear singlets or simply sleep naked if possible.
  • Choose a thinner or lighter Blanket for covering.

Take care of your mattress so it lasts

Posted On - July 20, 2017

A mattress can be a big investment, and it’s worth investing in as it is something you use every day. Having the right mattress can greatly improve your sleep cycle and therefore increase your productivity and energy levels the next day. As it is a large investment, it’s important to look after your mattress so you can be sure it lasts a while. Take these simple steps to give you mattress a bit of tender loving care, and see the results pay off in the long run.

  1. Use a valance

Using a bed skirt or valance will mean you bed will not only look neater, but it will protect the side of your mattress from dust and other unwanted particles. It will ensure that no dust from the floor accumulates around your mattress and it will stay clean and fresh for longer.

  1. Clean regularly

Cleaning your mattress on a regular basis will ensure it stays fresh. Using a steam cleaner to clean your mattress can be helpful. You can sprinkle a mixture of essential oils and baking soda over the mattress before cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and this will also help remove any dust mites.

  1. Rotate the mattress

Rotating your mattress will ensure it wears evenly over time. Another tip is that if you share a bed and your partner is a significantly smaller or larger size to you, rotating the mattress can be especially beneficial. This will ensure the mattress is worn evenly throughout its use.

  1. Let it breathe

Exposing your mattress to natural light as well as oxygen is beneficial and a good habit to get into if possible. When you change your sheets let your mattress breathe for a little while, open your bedroom window and let the light in, as the sunshine and air will rid it of any moisture and eliminate dust mites.

  1. Protect your mattress

Using a mattress protector will pay off in the long run. While you sleep, your mattress can get quite dirty. From unwanted particles of sweat, dust and discarded cells, there are many elements that can dirty a mattress over time. Protecting your mattress from this with a proper protector before the sheet will ensure it stays fresher for longer.

If you implement some of these tips on a regular basis, you will ensure you keep your mattress feeling brand new. At Sleep Secret, we are the experts in ensuring you have a good night’s sleep with the best mattress for you. Visit us today to find out more or click here.