Why are SleepSecret mattress so much cheaper than the ones in a retail store?

SleepSecret mattresses and pillows are manufactured at high tech factories and shipped to our warehouse in Auburn. We deliver directly to the customers removing high costs in showrooms, agencies and high cost marketing. We are committed to provide high quality products at very competitive rates.

When can I use the mattress after unpacking?

The mattress can be used immediately once it’s unpacked. However we suggest to leave your mattress for 24 hours to return to its original firmness.

What is a 125 day risk-free trial?

SleepSecret customers are allowed 125 days of risk free* trial of our mattress.

The risk free period is to show our confidence in our product. Within the first 125 days, if you are not 100% happy with the mattress, we will take it back, refund you full amount of money, and donate the mattress to a charity. (*Conditions apply, please see Refund and Return page). However, you are asked to sleep on it for at least 30 days, Only because it takes time for your body to get use to a new mattress, especially if you are used to an innerspring mattress for a long time.

How much weight can a SleepSecret mattress hold?

SleepSecret memory foam mattresses are ideally tested for 110kg weights on each side, to make sure it will return back to its original shape.

What is covered by 15 years guarantee?

Sleep Secret memory foam mattresses are built to last, we warrant our product for 15 years, this guarantee is proof of our confidence in our product. Each product is stringently tested for quality checks before its packed and shipped.

You get covered for any manufacturing defects* if any; such as a depression in the mattress that is greater than 2.5cm – provided the mattress is used on a flat base.

Our guarantee does not cover things like: stains, smoke, water damage, burns, odors, colored, tears, rips, contamination from liquids including bodily fluids, and damage from unstable/substandard bed bases.

How does SleepSecret compare to other mattresses?

SleepSecret is made with five unique layers.

  • Breathable/washable cover
  • Smart breath 100% natural latex to enhance your comfort and create bounce feel
  • High-quality gel-infused memory foam, provide comfort and remain a perfect temperature for you to sleep on.
  • High-density support foam that provides solid support, so you will not sink into.
  • Anti-split base material, so your mattress will not move around.

Apart from those 5 unique layers of the mattress. We also offer longer risk-free trial and a longer guarantee than other online mattress shops.  Because we are very confident in our quality and we are sure you will fall in love with our mattress once you lay down on it.

I have a back/neck problem, can this mattress give me the support I need?

SleepSecret mattresses are highly recommended for back or neck pain conditions. SleepSecret mattresses does not give pressure against your body when lying down providing body contour support and comfort.

Can SleepSecret mattress reduce partner disturbance?

Absolutely, Memory Foam Technology and Hi Quality foam is used in each mattress. This allows the mattress to absorb the movement at only where it occurs (On the spot only). It does not transfer the movement further to any other places.

Unlike spring mattresses, you can jump on and off the mattress or toss and turn as many times as you like without your partner even noticing.

What base is suitable for SleepSecret mattress?

SleepSecret memory foam mattress is a breathable mattress made from durable foam and infused gel, we recommend a Slat Base as it allows the mattress to breathe and dissipate the body heat easier.

Do not put the mattress on top of an uneven base or a spring base, because the foam will not react the same if the base is not even.

Is memory foam mattress hot to sleep on?

SleepSecret memory foam mattress is infused with gel using hi tech techniques that helps to cool down the temperature, and maintain a suitable temperature.

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