Our Story

  • Everybody needs sleep!

    These days in our always busy world, many of us have forgotten what it’s like to get a great night’s sleep. Can you remember the last time you went to bed, slept and simply woke up eight hours later without any distress? The last time you woke up, feeling 100% happy and ready to start the day? We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, but it seems that we can’t get that quality sleep we need. The secret to have a good night sleep is not just a good mattress, but having the correct mattress is the first step towards getting a good night sleep.

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  • SleepSecret is just for you

    We know how much you hate going to mattress retail stores, testing so many mattresses, as well as never knowing what’s inside of each mattress you see. We know you also hate seeing the price! In most cases, you leave the shop very confused and end up buying nothing. We’ve experienced it. And so here at SleepSecret we have come up with the idea to create a mattress with almost all the benefits you need – and most importantly a price you’ll love!

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Why is it so cheap?

We have lower operational costs!